When you’re in the business of ‘faery foster care’, you always have to be on your toes with new crafts to lead and projects to unify your little community of magical beings. I find that if I don’t do this…the hobgoblins and a few of their more mischievous cousins start to cause trouble. Nothing terrible… just incredibly messy. I know they’re bored if I find that all my painstakingly organized ribbons are suddenly tangled into one great big knot. Oooh, hobgoblins.

This week we have a favorite craft of a fair few of the faeries here; felt flowers. These are fairly simple and the results of your labor can be used anyway you like. You can make a lovely embellishment to a plain ol’ hair tie, springtime pins for your little one’s lunch box, over-sized folksy rings, the possibilities are as many or as few as you can come up with! I’m in the process of creating ‘Faery thrones’ using this tutorial as a guide. The patterns and directions for these come from Joy Kelley, over at howjoyful.com. If you’re looking for ideas, this blog is beyond fantastic and beautifully done.

Here are a few pictures from the site of the finished product:

<—-Here we have the Felted Roses.
This particular tutorial is accompanied by a video with the step-by-step creation of the flowers. I found this VERY helpful, especially since she taught me a much simpler way to do a stitch that usually takes me a while to do when I use it. I’ve rediscovered my love of stitching thanks to this.

<—–Next, we’ve got the Camelia Flowers’.

These I definitely plan to use as a hair accessory. I don’t have nearly enough fun and funky pieces for my very colorful hair. The little pearl in the center adds the perfect focal point.

<—–And lastly, we’ve got the perfect addition to any garden party, the symbol of childhood before the age of six, and an icon of spring…the Daisy Flower

This one is a favorite with all of my Spring faer folk. When they get out their pine needles and cobweb thread, I know they’re getting ready for a fancy tea time.

I hope you find these tutorials inspiring. I would love to hear (or see) how you would use these!

Magically yours,

Jesse Alora **The Faery Lady**